November 28, 2010

Production is part of the EDF Evaluation Matrix for our design. It deals with Clean and Economical Technology and Production Management.

Clean and Economical Technology

“Regarding water, air and soil pollution emissions.” —EDF Evaluation Matrix

A D.R.I.P.S. model produces no pollution whatsoever.

Production Management

“Environment management — ISO 14001. Reduction of the production cycle.”—EDF Evaluation Matrix

Production of the funnels utilized by the D.R.I.P.S. has not progressed beyond the design stage. We anticipate that when the funnels are actually produced they will be produced via licenses in geographic proximity to where they will be deployed. At that time we would encourage local manufacturers to utilize the ISO 14001 standards to continually refine the the production process to minimize the effect that it would have on the environment.

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